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Boldness and Authorship

As the semester has drawn to a close here at Baylor, I have had to conclude a number of writing projects.  It is always hard to declare a piece of writing "finished," but I have found this to be especially difficult after grad school.  In the academic life cycle, a masters degree declares to the world that you are a work in progress.  At least this was the case for me, since I completed mine with the full intention to continue to a PhD, and this two-year delay is undesirable.  But as I hover in this liminal space as I wait to continue my education, I have found that I do still need to write things occasionally, and I have to do this with the knowledge that I am not the writer nor the expert that I someday will be.  There have been a few journalism projects that have come across my desk in the past few weeks, and I can't believe I am contributing to projects in areas in which I have zero special expertise.  And yet, I must read what I can, think carefully, write well, and…

Christian Response to Non-Christian Religious Persecution

On Monday, a video was released showing approximately 100 of the 276 young women who were abducted in Nigeria nearly a month ago. The militant group responsible for this crime, Boko Haram, has the aim of imposing stricter enforcement of Sharia law in the country. Though the group has largely confined its violence to Nigeria, the risk of a spiraling insurgency prevails. 

The past few weeks have also brought updated news of the horrors faced by the Muslim Rohingya population in Burma. The issue was ignored during the recent meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Lê Lương Minh, Secretary General of the ASEAN, insisted the issue "has not been brought up and will not be brought up." In the last two years, ethnic and religious violence in Burma has killed nearly 300 people and forced another 140,000 from their homes. The violence has spilled over into Indonesia and Malaysia. Hundreds of aid workers have been f…