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The Need of Bacchus

I haven't touched my Divine Comedy since school ended in May.  My Dante exam was my last final exam, and as soon as it ended I packed up my books, moved them to Fort Drum, and spent the fall reading easier things (such as, ahem, Inferno by Dan Brown....don't judge it was amazing).

I shipped my entire library to Texas when I moved here, and just opened the last boxes yesterday morning as I started to prepare to lead a section of Ralph Wood's Great Texts class.  To my delight, they are nearing the end of Purgatorio and I get to guest teach his class tomorrow.  
It felt wonderful to return to these books.  I loved seeing all my old notes in there - it made the pages feel living again, like they were inhaling when I opened the cover.  
I wanted to teach on the Earthly Paradise (I can't get enough Matelda!), but at the last minute my assignment was switched to the terraces of Sloth, Avarice, and Gluttony.  Not the most memorable moments of my journey through Purgatorio, I …

One Who Has Hope Lives Differently

Greer departed for Afghanistan exactly one month ago.  It seems that we have both gotten our footing in our new environments, and our FaceTime conversations have been less teary/forlorn and more about the work we are doing and whatever we're reading.  Just like the old days, in a way. 

I confessed to friends over dinner last night that it feels strange to focus solely on my professional development instead of using my work to enrich my family.  I have lost a lot of the richness of my academic inquiries now that I no longer share them with Greer every day.  I miss my conversation partner, and I miss building our life together. 

However, as I hear one amazing story after another about Greer's time overseas, I can't honestly continue to feel that we are simply "on hold."  Greer is working incredible hours over there, and each one of them seems to make history, both in his own life and on the current geopolitical stage.  The demands placed on him these days are cul…


Since Greer's departure exactly three weeks ago, I have been unsure of the degree to which I should share my feelings about his absence.  It is with no small amount of sadness and struggle that I have endeavored to set up a new life in Texas that does not include him.  I have revealed that this has been disorienting as I have moved from single grad student living alone in New Haven to a summer living with family in California to the wedding and honeymoon to married life on an enormous Army base in upstate New York to now living alone again as essentially a grad student again in a sleepy town in central Texas.  It is disorienting.  But it is much, much more than that, and I have hesitated to contemplate it too deeply.  After all, my sadness is bridled by the fact that I am overwhelmingly grateful for Greer in the first place.  He is the tall, dark, and handsome young officer-lawyer-scholar-athlete-gentleman that I always imagined when I looked at Tiffany's ads in magazines as a…