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The Baylor Move

What a whirlwind the past two months have been.  Greer and I moved out of our apartment at Fort Drum, drove my Mini to Waco, Texas (we were in a blizzard for the first two days of the drive), spent nearly three weeks at home for the holidays (and had our first married and thus two-family Christmas), had two going away parties for Greer, flew back to Fort Drum to await his deployment, got stuck in a total whiteout blizzard, I flew to Texas to start my new job at Baylor, arrived to find that all four brakes on my car had completely rusted out because of all the salted roads during various snows, spent two days stuck in Dallas while they were getting fixed, finally made it to Waco to move in, then Greer flew to Afghanistan (via Germany and Kyrgyzstan) and began his yearlong deployment.  Whew.  We are both finally beginning to regain our strength and are able to assess the situations with our new jobs and living arrangements.  I live in a nice Baylor-owned apartment in Waco, and Greer sha…