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The Advent Color

At the moment of the First Tragedy, when man first disobeyed God, man hid.

In his temptation speech, the serpent promises that eating the forbidden fruit will make man like God. God knew all about good and evil; if we, too, knew about it, we would be just like Him. But evil always, always lies.

Adam and Eve immediately felt shame.  Shame is what we feel when we're made painfully aware of the vast disparity between the person we actually are and the person we would love to be. The chasm between the two is so wide. Adam and Eve had been promised they would be like God Himself; I cannot imagine their horror when they realized how little like God they were. They had never been aware of their own smallness, their own weakness, the vast difference between mighty God and puny man. The shame must have been unbearable. They must have hidden out of desperation and agony. 
Having suddenly and all at once seen the full difference between myself and God, I would have tried to bury myself undergr…