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Shipping Off

Most of you know now that Greer will leave in early January for a six to twelve month deployment to Afghanistan.  We've known about this for quite some time, which has cast our time here in an interesting light; our first few months together have all been geared toward an impending departure, and we knew our time at Fort Drum would fly by.  And it has.  We only have about a month left in this apartment, punctuated by two trips home for a family wedding and for Thanksgiving.  It's time to start sorting and packing, even though I just unpacked my last box from New Haven about a month ago.

Although the deployment has colored our entire marriage so far, it didn't seem real until today.  Today, a big trunk of Greer's personal items and an Army-issue duffel bag full of gear were boxed up and sent on a C-130 to Afghanistan, or some sort of staging ground, to await his arrival.

He set out 26 hardcover books and couldn't really think of anything else he would need except…

Bread Adventures

When my dear Army wife friend Eva invited me for lunch when I first arrived, I was amazed when she casually pulled some incredible homemade zucchini-cheddar bread from the pantry to serve with butter and tea.  For all of my culinary bravery, I'd never mustered the courage to try my hand at bread making - there always seems to be so much chemistry involved, not to mention that it's probably the most time-consuming kitchen activity on record.  
Eva assured me it was easy and that I should give it a try.  I bought two great books on Amazon and started my reading: 
The Bread Baker's Apprentice
Whole Grain Breads
Both of these are by breadmaking maestro Peter Reinhart, and I poured over his fantastic introductions about winning international bread competitions and studying with the best bakers in Paris.  These books are both extremely technical, and I jumped into one of his 100% whole wheat recipes first.  It turned out okay but it was pretty dense and involved two full days wor…

Upstate Autumn

It is definitely time to rename and redirect this blog (The Yale Chapter is so over), but for now I'll keep typing here, as I miss recording my little thoughts.  Our time at Fort Drum has so far been ideal - the autumn leaves are creating enormous walls of the brightest colors, and deer, rabbits, huge porcupines, Canadian geese, and flocks of big wild turkeys scurry around on the forest floor.  The weather has stayed at a constant 68-73 degrees for the past month.  People love to complain about being stationed here, but I honestly don't think there is a lovelier place in the country at this particular time of year.

The move from Yale to an Army base has been an enormous change.  When I look out the window when I sit at my desk, I now see a field full of MRAPs - mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles - and a line of trees beyond.  I am surrounded by men in uniform everywhere I go, which I found to be quite intimidating for the first week or two.  The only time I've seen …