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Au Revoir, Apartamento

I took these shots for my Craigslist ad, and I'm so glad I documented everything before tearing it all apart.  For one last time, my beloved little home:

And a few from my last party:

The Work

Well, here I am in an almost completely empty apartment with only three days left on Trumbull Street.  Mom, Dad, Ian, and Greer all came out for graduation, which was lovely.

We celebrated together for a whole week, enjoying the best food New Haven has to offer and hitting up all my favorite Yale activities - Mory's, a Glee Club concert, a Whiffenpoofs concert, trips through the library, long tours of the Yale Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art.  
The whole time I couldn't help but feel a sense of incompleteness.  A masters degree is a wonderful thing and certainly didn't happen easily, but after watching the processions of the magnificent doctoral robes at graduation, I realized I am far from finished with this.  When I finished college I was quite ready to be done with school, but after this graduation I only wanted to head into the library and get back to work.  
As soon as I finished that last final, New Haven totally changed for me.  I thought I would be…

Last Paper

It's 4 AM and I just submitted my last paper.  I struggled pretty badly with this one - it was an obscure topic and I didn't have much scholarship to stand on, so I felt like I was riffing much of the time.  And riffing is a little scary when A) you're talking about 14th century mystical theologians, and B) you're writing for two professors who have both written a combined total of NINE BOOKS about the topic.  Alas.

This always happens, but I am already excited to work on that paper again at a future time.  I feel so glad that even though this degree is ending, I have my entire life to continue to learn about these things, even if I am simply contemplating them in an armchair.

I just have my Dante final to go tomorrow at 2:00, and then I am home free.  I'm having a little picnic with friends in Sleeping Giant Park right after the final, and then I suppose it's time to start sorting through my books and clothes, returning my shelves of material to the library,…