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Beyond the Letter

Everything I write on this blog seems to pivot around wherever I am in Dante.  We are at last out of Purgatory (although I enjoyed the read very much - especially the celebration of the arts!), and tomorrow we will discuss cantos 1 and 2 of Paradiso.  It has been a long road.  I am a little intimidated to venture into this territory.  There is so much scholarship behind all of Dante's writing, and nowhere more than Paradise, based on what I have read so far.  Inferno was a fun story with some neat literary support, Purgatorio ventured deeper into the academy, and I think Paradiso would be best approached after a few years in Dante's personal library.  There is a lot of curriculum on which I need to catch up.

There will be much to say about the text as we move forward, but I'm three pages in to an introductory article by my much admired professor Peter Hawkins and had to stop to make a note.  One of the biggest struggles I've had in divinity school (and always) has cen…