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Pinch Me

My three best friends are in my apartment right now, sitting silently with their books.  It's the MLK holiday.  The fire is roaring.  It's snowing steadily outside and beginning to accumulate on the bare branches and slate rooftops on Trumbull Street.  It's supposed to snow all night tonight and on and off throughout the week.  I have Dante here, then get to move on to Tolstoy, and then preparation for my Chaucer presentation later this week.

I've written so many times about how I've always known this two year degree would go by in a flash, but as I make strides into my last semester, the ache is nearly constant.  Part of me still can't believe I got to do this at all.  So many things had to fall into place to bring me here in the first place, and as I look back over the last three semesters I marvel at the classes I wandered into that became life-changing, the friends I bumped into during orientation who will be my friends for life, the professors who had no …