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Snow Day

I was shocked to look out the window during my Aesthetics section today and see tiny snowflakes.  Before our hourlong session was over, the flakes were enormous, falling in big clumps from the sky at a shocking rate.  This was supposed to be a day of heavy rain in the afternoon, but instead we are getting a totally unexpected snowstorm.  It's pretty cozy, but it did catch my off guard with no hat, scarf, boots, or umbrella.

I headed over to the Hall of Graduate Studies for lunch because they have cozy neo-gothic leaded windows through which the snowy courtyard looks especially romantic.  I sat there and read while I ate lunch (on sweet potato fry day, no less!) and then bumped into my good friend Anthony in the MacDougal center.  We've been sitting here all afternoon, he with his Syriac translations and me with my Dante.  It's pretty cozy.  The room is filled with other grad students who know this building is always the best-heated on campus.  I'll stay here until I …