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The Familiar Melodies

Any of you have memories of this music?  It's the closing title from the Little Women soundtrack.  Every time I sit up late at night with a book and a pen I become Jo March all over again.

Throughout this school year, at the most critical moments I have been visited by memories of how intensely and singularly I wanted to go to graduate school in the years before I applied.  As soon as I graduated from college - really within weeks - I had a fervent longing to be back in the classroom.

While I was home for a few days over spring break, I ran into a good friend Kamron who was a few years behind me at Pepperdine.  He and I were once in a 12 passenger van together with 9 other people to drive the entire length of historic Route 66 in the dead of winter.  There was a lot of time to chat.

He asked me all about my life at Yale and I filled him in on every detail - my areas of study, my professors, my apartment, my friends - and after a few minutes I noticed he had tears in his eyes a…

The Gentleman Christ

Day four in my 6' x 6' office.  Cloudy and cold outside, and I am very glad the spring glory has toned down so I can write my papers this week.  Just 7 more days and my masters degree is 50% over.  
I've had lovely company with the marvelous Julian of Norwich and her Revelations of Divine Love.  I'm writing a paper about the fascinating things she says about courtesy - specifically the courtesy God shows to us and the courtesy that should direct our disposition toward him and each other.  
Describing one of her revelations, she says:
"God also showed me that sin is not shameful to man, but his glory; for in this revelation my understanding was lifted up into heaven; and then there came truly into my mind David, Peter and Paul, THomas of India and the Magdalene - how they are famous in the Church on earth with their sins as their glory.  And it is no shame to them that they have sinned, any more than it is in the bliss of heaven, for there the badge of their sin is…

Hello Again!

So many weeks with no posting!  Schoolwork has heated up bigtime, and now that I am in my first finals-season crunch, I naturally must write a blog post.

The weather has been SPECTACULAR lately.  Mid 70s for the past 4 days and this afternoon it climbed up to 83!  I put on my Pepperdine hat and headed to the beach with my Rossetti text and read my poems for class tomorrow while lying on a blanket.  It wasn't Broad Beach but it really wasn't too bad, and now I have a funny little tanline on my leg to remember the occasion.

Easter deserves a proud mention here.  Celebrating Easter at a Divinity School is just about as fun as I can imagine Easter ever being.  Yale Divinity School has an extraordinarily diverse student population, but the one common thread is that almost everyone thinks Easter is the best day of the year.  I went to a 3 hour Easter vigil at St. Mary's on Saturday night in which a friend became Catholic, then on Sunday I helped my friend Anthony cook dinner f…