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Friends by Candlelight

My friend and professor Junius said the other day that being a good writer is 5% being a good writer and 95% not being distracted by the internet.


It's 1:28 AM on Monday morning - I've just finished a three-day weekend that in spite of my best intentions has landed me once again in the wee hours with the lamps lit.  I have very little required work left and I know I must get to it and get to bed if I want to make anything of tomorrow, but the texts before me won't be shut.

My Victorian Poetry class has been my hardest one of the semester.  It has the smallest workload, but three pages of poems mean truly endless hours of research and grappling.  Tomorrow we'll begin a four-week unit on Robert Browning.  I know nothing about him except that he really loved his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the two of them loved Italy, and he chose Shelley as his poetic godfather.

I picked up a few of Harold Bloom's collections of Browning criticism and I am awed.  Harol…