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It Got Even Better

The beginning of this semester was chaotic.  I had a horrible cold for the first week and then contracted an excruciating muscle spasm in my neck that immobilized my whole upper body.  I couldn't make my schedule work, my adviser is on sabbatical this semester, and I wound up in a weird selection of classes.  I have been panicked that this term would again place me in the panic of last term's finals week, and frankly I didn't think I had the steam to do it again.  My energy and morale were low.

BUT - my cold went away (definitely because Greer came to visit and was such an excellent weekend nurse), my neck thing gradually disappeared, and a TA position that had been up in the air ended up coming through.  The class is called "Representations of Love in Italy" and it's the dream syllabus.  We started with Plato (yes, not Italian, I know) and so far have done Catullo and Ovid, and will move through the ages with Italian writers in love.  It's just fantasti…

Farewell 2011

To pick up where I left off on that horrible mid-term-paper cliffhanger, I am happy to report that I finished all my papers on time (counting the two two-day extensions I got) and submitted the last one ON the plane from Syracuse to LAX (thank you Delta for 30 minutes free in-flight Wi-Fi).  I got home, crashed in bed, and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas that my mom staged in our house.  Sometimes I can't believe how pretty that little house has become over the years.  
These guys went back to the library:

I went to Fort Drum to visit Greer for a few days before heading home (he let me try on his kevlar):

And I got down to seaside lounging ASAP when I arrived in LA:

Mom and Dad gave us another completely perfect Christmas, and looked great doing it:

I got to be festive (and honor a gingerbread tradition) with some of my favorite LA ladies:

I rejoiced to be in beautiful, warm, sunny California:

Got to fly to Jupiter, Florida for an old friend's spectacular wedding:

And returne…