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I Love Connecticut

Spectacular day today – the best one I’ve had since I got here.I woke up this morning and enjoyed a sit on my new couch (!), then got ready to spend a day with an old friend.I’ve known my friend Margaux since our junior year of high school when we both lived in France for a year.We had some wonderful adventures together – our first glimpses of independence as we traipsed across the French Riviera sans chaperone at the tender age of sixteen.We’ve been separated by a lot of miles since then, but always pick up right where we left off no matter how far apart our visits.
Margaux is from Fairfield, CT and now lives in New York City.She took the train out this way and then took me on a tour of one of the most truly magnificent places I’ve seen in this country.We had lunch with her wonderful parents at the Pequot Yacht Club in Southport ( our table on the upper deck of the club, we looked over the charming harbor full of boats, the golf course that runs right into…

New Home

Right now I am writing from my new little office.It’s a 6’ x 6’ little square room that seems to have been a total afterthought to the construction of this building, but it’s deliciously cozy in here.I have two windows – one that looks across the street into the little wine and cheese shop/wine bar I face, and the other looks down the facades of the other brownstones that run the length of elm-lined Trumbull Street.
I have been putting this apartment together one carload at a time, and I have been able to see how, slowly but surely, this place will begin to feel like home.I got my living room rug three days ago, and I was the slightest bit sad to see it put down.It transformed the room and made it look elegant and comfortable, like a place you could live in.I mentioned in my last post that I can already feel my time at Yale coming to an end – putting down that rug was the end of this moving-in chapter.It’ll never feel strange and empty in here, and I won’t have that echo in the summer …

The Word

After writing and reflecting a little this morning in the freshness of daybreak, I began to feel brisk in a way the heat and humidity doesn't normally encourage.  It poured rain for hours last night, so the city seemed cool and scrubbed clean and dewy outside my windows.  I brushed my teeth and stepped out into the morning.  Fresh it was indeed!  Got in Mini and brushed a sheet of water from the windshield.  Drove to the freeway, which was already bustling at 5:30.  Got downtown and made my way to my leasing office to drop off my rent check.  It gets easier by the day to navigate these streets.  Lovely to drive though downtown as the city was just waking. 
I feel a fondness for New Haven today.  It’s so odd – as I get installed here I am already picturing the day I’ll depart.  It seems to be going to fast already, even before I’ve started.  What a rich gift this is to be here.  Yale.  I can’t believe my great good fortune. 
I drove about two miles past my apartment to go check …

Summer Hibernation

Just gave up on sleeping tonight.  I went to bed around 8:00 last night, slept for two hours, awoke at 11:00, and never got back to sleep.  Bummer. 
There is the slightest hint of freshness and coolness outside which I haven’t felt since I’ve been here.  It has been oppressively hot and so humid.  It poured rain all afternoon and evening yesterday and although it was still in the 90s, it made my apartment pretty cozy.  A little preview of what this place could be like in the winter.  I loved to imagine it. 
I have now been here for a full week.  Hooray!  It has been filled mostly with a lot of running from one home goods store to the next (which has given me a pretty good sense of the surrounding territory) with one sweet day of antiquing around Old Saybrook.  What an ordeal it is to set up a home!  So costly and tiring.  I’ve had a few ups and downs this week but still feel entirely certain that this is where I should be.  I’m glad to be here so long before classes start so I can …

Barnacled Oysters

Rainy morning in New Haven.  Today will be my first morning waking up in a bed here – I bought one from two precious gentlemen at a funny futon shop on the other side of town.  They were as tough and New-Englandly as can be, the sort of New-York-goes-to-the-country attitude I keep finding here, but I was utterly delighted by their genuineness and charm. 
Greer arrived here at about 9:30 this morning.  I am thrilled to see him.  Having someone who was so integral to my home life show up in this apartment made it feel less like I had tessered into another dimension (I hope someone here will have read A Wrinkle in Time).  It was quite an ordeal for him to get a weekend pass from the commanding officers at the JAG school in Charlottesville, and he was told he could go only if he did the seven-hour drive in two segments.  But arrive he did. 
Greer had graciously offered to help me with any heavy-lifting he could take care of over the weekend, so we jumped in the car to get my bed as soo…

Land of Enchantment

In the midst of running around from WalMart to Ikea to any thrift store I pass, I’ve had a lot of time to myself to replay the last few days before I left and the road trip out here. 
I had a gorgeous going-away party at home last Friday night and hit the road by Saturday mid-day.  The party was one of the most memorable evenings of my life.  Thirty-two people there.  The house was the prettiest it has ever looked, all due to over a decade of tireless work by my amazing and talented mother.  I was so proud of her that night.  She truly set a spectacular scene, and I can’t describe my joy at watching it fill up with so many of the people who matter most to me.  I can still watch the whole evening like a film in my head, and it always seems to run in slow-motion.  Dad said a beautiful welcome and pre-dinner prayer, and Ian was sort of the M.C. later in the evening.  When did he learn to wear his grace so lightly?  Ian amid a room full of people is truly a holy occurrence.  He brings t…

Day One

I write from New Haven, Connecticut.  Day one. 
Tonight is a very clear dividing line between two chapters of my life.  I’m all alone in my new, empty apartment, as if the solitude is providing the silence necessary for me to hear the nearly inaudible swish of a page being turned by the breeze in my Book of Life. 
I am at last.  I awoke this morning in Washington, D.C. in my friend Lauren’s apartment and hit the road around 8:00.  After the months of waiting and the nine previous days of gradually making my way east, it was time to set coordinates for New Haven. 
My entire mood changed when I got outside of D.C.  I felt glad but mostly determined.  I looked around the landscape like one surveying newly purchased property instead of the tourist I’d been on all previous days of the trip.  “Alright, East Coast,” I thought.  “Show me what I’ve just gotten myself into.”
I am struck by how water, land and greenery are interwoven on this side of the nation.  It’s like the land turns to lace a…